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A video script made during my tenure with The Mob for a moving video played during H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announcement event of the AWQAF Endowment Initiative.

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A long time ago, sustainable giving was a source that knows no depletion.

There are those who give a drop of water to quench thirst for a moment &
There are those who dig springs/fountains to satisfy the thirst indefinitely.

There are those who give a fruit that feeds someone’s hunger for a day &
There are those who plant trees that feed the hungry endlessly.

There are those who provide medication for a patient &
There are those who build hospitals with open doors that heal plenty.

There are those who educate a student &
There are those who graduate societies.

There are those who help some &
There are those who help many.

There is giving that has limits &
There is giving that knows no limits.

There is giving that depletes/diminishes/stops &
There is giving that sustains.

The Endowment World Vision of Dubai is sustainable giving

“Our happiness is not making money, rather how we use it & invest it in countries and the unfortunate. We should all cooperate/collaborate in charity. The mission may be big but the will is bigger! Thank you.”