Cerelac EgyptDear Mama

When your eyes opened for the first time…
I was reborn.

Thank you my darling…

For making me a photographer,
Capturing the most precious moments.

For inspiring in me an artist,
Painting silent poetry on my canvas.

You make me an engineer,
Building structures for a future.

You make me a champion,
Powering through all obstacles.

For making me a fashion designer,
Styling every small detail.

For making me a gardener,
Nurturing my surroundings

Because of you I became an opera singer
Singing melodies to the sweetest audience.

With you I became a chef,
Crafting artistry with delicious flavors.

With you, I felt a love that changed my life forever.
With you, everything has meaning.

You’re a gift that I see.
You’re a gift that I feel.

A Happy Mother’s Day to Moms everywhere.